Melamine Range

Melamine cabinets present great value for money in a range of durable and stylish finishes. Make use of the current trend for dual colour kitchens - one style trend is to have dark coloured tall cabinets to define the bulk of the joinery, whilst using a lighter shade on the base cabinets to light the space.

All doors and panels are finished with a matching 1mm ABS edge, for a protective edge treatment.

The Melamine Series falls into three price categories depending on the surface finish.

  • Melamine Standard

  • $$$

  • Matt & texture finish
  • MDF doors with 1mm edge strip
  • Extremely tough
  • See Cabinet Range
  • Melamine Sheen

  • $$$

  • Low sheen door surface
  • MDF doors with 1mm edge strip
  • Extremely tough
  • See Cabinet Range
  • CREATEC Melamine

  • $$$$

  • High gloss UV coat
  • MDF doors with 1mm edge strip
  • Extremely tough
  • See Cabinet Range

Melamine Standard

Designer White Texture Classic White Texture Parchment Texture Alabaster Texture Porcelain Texture New Antique White Texture Antique Texture Cafe Cream Texture Malt Texture Cappucino Texture Mountain Pepper Texture Marina GreyTexture Snowgum Texture Caraway Texture Graphite Texture Black Texture Polar White Matt  Classic White Matt Parchment Matt White Mist MattPorcelain Matt New Antique White Matt Antique Matt Cafe Cream Matt Amaro Matt Malt Matt Cappucino Matt Mountain Pepper Matt Moss Grey Matt Stone Grey Matt Strata Grey Matt Cinder Matt Pannacotta Matt Greige Matt Biscuit Matt Taupe Matt Snowgum Matt Caraway Matt Leather Matt Soft Walnut Matt Marni Lini Matt Gesso Lini Matt Tessuto Milan Matt Crema Lini Matt Tuross Oak Matt Latte Lini Matt Rocco Lini Matt Provence Wood Matt Natural Oak Matt Noosa Cherry Matt Cocoa Spruce Matt New Nepean Beech Matt Cinnamon Spruce Matt Tulip Spruce Matt Hazel Strata Matt European Walnut Matt Oxley Walnut Matt River Redgum Matt New Barron Alder Matt Artisan Oak Matt Artisan Oak Matt Belgian Oak Matt Truffle Lini Matt Shannon Oak Matt Char Oak Matt Cavia Lini Matt Black Wenge Matt Linen Micro Matt Quarry Micro Matt Cabernet Micro Matt Carbon Micro Matt

Melamine Sheen

Polar White Sheen Classic White Sheen Alabaster Sheen New Antique White Sheen White Mist Sheen Porcelain Sheen Amaro Sheen Pannacotta Sheen Antique Sheen Cafe Cream Sheen Malt Sheen Cappucino Sheen Biscuit Sheen Mountain Pepper Sheen Taupe Sheen Caraway Sheen Greige Sheen Snowgum Sheen Stone Grey Sheen Strata Grey Sheen Marina Grey Sheen  Marni Lini Sheen Gesso Lini Sheen Crema Lini Sheen Latte Lini Sheen Rocco Lini Sheen Truffle Lini Sheen Cavia Lini Sheen Shannon Oak Sheen New Nepean Beech Sheen Hazel Strata Sheen Cocoa Spruce Sheen New Barron Alder Sheen River Redgum Sheen


CREATEC Ultra White Gloss CREATEC Alabaster CREATEC Parchment CREATEC Porcelain CREATEC Cafe Cream CREATEC Malt CREATEC Mountain Pepper CREATEC Soft Walnut CREATEC Moss Grey CREATEC Bleached Walnut CREATEC Gesso Lini CREATEC Natural Oak CREATEC Strata Grey CREATEC Maroso Milan CREATEC Tessuto Milan CREATEC Rocco Lini CREATEC Quarry Micro CREATEC Caraway CREATEC Hazel Strata CREATEC European Walnut CREATEC New Barron Alder CREATEC Truffle Lini CREATEC Carbon Micro CREATEC Graphite CREATEC Shannon Oak CREATEC Cavia Lini CREATEC Black Wenge CREATEC Black



Polytec provide a limited seven (7) year warranty on all door products which insures against design, workmanship & manufacturing defects. If you detect any problems with your doors polytec must be notified within seven (7) years from the date your doors were manufactured. Failure to follow the care instructions could result in damage to your doors and void your entitlement to the warranty.

Product Specification

Carcass material: 16mm (nominal) high moisture resistant particleboard to ALL surfaces - no thin back boards or drawer bases

Door material: Tough 16mm (nominal) high moisture resistant MDF substrate ABS edge heavy duty 1mm thick, mechanically applied using heat & high pressure - no flimsy iron-on edge.  CREATEC doors are 18mm thick, with a UV-coated gloss finish to the primary face.

Door Hinges: Easy fit adjustable hinges, screwless fixing to door.

Care & Maintenance

Your MELAMINE doors & panels are manufactured from the highest quality materials and designed to provide years of trouble free service.

Whilst your doors are made from a Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibreboard (MRMDF) and as with any wood based panel cannot be made totally waterproof, care should be taken to wipe up spills immediately, ensuring the doors are not exposed to high or continueous levels of moisture, steam and humidity.

MELAMINE doors & panels should be cleaned as follows:

Stains Using a mild household spray wipe down the doors or panel with a soft cloth taking care not to rub too hard. Dry using a soft cloth so as not to leave any spray on the door or panel. You may also use Methylated Spirit on a soft cloth, using a circular cleaning motion. Thoroughly clean over the wider area with water and detergent on a damp cloth afterwards to remove any residual Methylated Spirit. Always ensure that you refer to the recommendations provided by the cleaning product manufacturer before use.

To ensure that your Warranty will not be void, DO NOT use any of the following on MELAMINE doors & panels : Commercial Cleaning Products, Abrasive Cleaners, Scouring Pads or Abrasive Papers, Acids and Alkalis, Solvents, Thinners, Turpentine (Turps), Ammonia, Bleach, Acetone, M.E.K. and any other cleaning agents containing Organic Solvents or the above mentioned products.

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