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Measure the Room

To make your life easier, and to get a much more accurate quotation, you will need to measure the space you have available. This is a simple but important requirement that will save you much heart ache and money in the long run.

It is a good idea to not the location of existing services (gas, electricity, plumbing) that are to remain.

Things you will need to know:

  • placement of windows - measure to the outside of architraves
  • placement of doors - measure to the outside of architraves
  • elements you cannot change / do not want to change - take regard for air conditioning outlets, electrical control panels, etc, that must be integrated into the new layout
  • any overhead bulkheads that may limit standard installation
  • are you removing or adding new walls to your layout - make note of these changes

On site assistance

If you are unsure as to your final measurements, and we have received a deposit on your order, we can arrange for a free site measure.

If we have not received a deposit, a site measure is still available, but we do have a $90 call-out fee that will be charged at the time of booking.

This fee will be offset against your order, providing you proceed within the next three months from the site measure.

Please note that our Site Measure service is only available in Canberra / Queanbeyan suburbs.

Contact Details

Address: 11 Shropshire St, Queanbeyan, NSW, 2620

Showroom: 02 6298 1445

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