As easy as Child's Play

It's took many years of prototyping to get to this stage of our assembly system, and we are very proud of it. We know the ins-and-outs of simple and efficient assembly installation from years of working on site, and have taken these little tips on board into our production methodologies to make things as simple as we can.

A simple system without compromising on strength and structure - compare that to some of the other brands out there...

Step By Step

Like everything, if you take a bit of time in the beginning and come to grasp our system, you'll be done in next to no time. Following are our generic assembly guidelines to give you a feel for what is involved. Please keep in mind that some custom designs may not follow this methodology.

If you do run into trouble, your instruction sheet will have a phone number you can contact for assembly support.

Before You Begin

Check your order - make sure you have all of the cabinets and components you ordered before you begin any assembly. In some scenarios, your order may be delivered in stages.

Typically, your order will contain:

  • Assembly & installation instructions - read these thoroughly before you begin anything
  • Cabinet carcasses - each cabinet may consist of several shrink-wrapped bundles. These will be labelled with the relevant Room & Cabinet number, as well as the name of the component (eg top, drawer back, etc)
  • Doors, panels & kickboards *
  • Assembly hardware *
  • Drawer kits *
  • Benchtops *
  • Bulkheads *
  • * these items are design specific, and are included where ordered

We do not include:

  • Installation hardware - this will depend on the type of walls you are fixing to
  • Silicon (neutral cure) for benchtop joints


Download our Assembly Instructions

Typical Cabinet Assembly

Typically, all of our cabinets are assembled in the same manner, however there are a few differences between the types.

Base cabinets consist of either hinged or drawer configurations, so the internal drilling patterns will change. Mounting positions for hinges and our metal drawer systems are pre-drilled for accuracy and easy of assembly. Connector locations are also pre-drilled, making installation faster for the DIY novice or tradesman alike.

All of our cabinets use our unique mortice-and-tenon assembly method. Not only is a stronger construction, once screwed together, your cabinets are plumb and square, making your installation that much easier.

Save Time

Attach the hinge blocks and drawer runners to the cabinet ends when they are flat - this is handy if you have a narrow cabinet you can't get into with a cordless driver once you have assembled it.

On corner cabinets, place the adjustable shelf inside as you build the cabinet. This will make it easier than trying to force the shelf through the door opening once it is assembled. Really useful tip where the corner cabinet is asymmetrical.

Typical Drawer Assembly

Standard Drawers

Our standard metal drawer system will comprise of solid 16mm white board (drawer base and drawer back), metal drawer sides and runners, and metal drawer front brackets. Pot drawers will have additional gallery rails for increased height.

Soft Close Drawers

Our soft close drawer units are from Blum, the world renowned manufacturer of quality European hardware systems.

Whilst there are assembly instructions included in the drawer kits, these short instructional videos will also help.

Gallery (Pot drawer) Assembly Method:

Side Adjustment:

Drawer Front Removal:

Gallery Rail Removal:

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