Timber Benchtops

Timber Benchtops
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Polyurethane Finish

All timber benchtops are finished with a semi-gloss polyurethane coat to protect the finish.

A Natural Oik finish is also available to order.

Cleaning & Maintenance Cleaning

Normal maintenance consists of wiping down with a damp cloth. Detergents, cleansers (liquids such as 'Handy Andy', 'Spray & Wipe', etc) and other cleaning agents are all suitable. 'Harsh' cleansers such as 'Ajax' may also be used, although not on a regular basis and may effect gloss level. DGI GLULAM solid timber benchtops will readily take the punishment associated with day-to-day usage within the household environment. Products that should be avoided are those containing silicon compounds (such as 'Mr Sheen'); silicon can imbed itself in the chemical structure of the polyurethane coating making subsequent recoating difficult.  

Protection - Use cutting boards to avoid undue knife damage (any material will cut!), and under appliances such as electric jugs to avoid extremes of heat in small areas.

Repairs - Regardless of damage that may occur, repairs are relatively simple. Minor scratches can be buffed out with an abrasive polish or touched up. If impact damage occurs (dents - where timber is compressed), this can be restored with a damp cloth and very hot iron. By placing the cloth over the dent and ironing over it, water vapour is forced into the fibres and the timber will ultimately restore itself to normal. Keep the cloth damp - a spluttering sound is normal  

Hard Wearing - DGI GLULAM has been designed for use in kitchens, laboratories and other commercial applications; when coated with a two-pack polyurethane.

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