Infinity Acrylic Benchtops

Infinity Alabaster Infinity Broken Stone Infinity Glacier Infinity King Sand Infinity Koke Infinity Platinum Infinity Polar White Infinity Silver Birch Infinity Sonara Infinity Storm

10 year manufacturer's warranty

They are a 100% acrylic, solid surface benchtop, at a most affordable price.

Easy to care for and can be repaired or even renewed to their original condition.

Scratches can be easily buffed away by following some simple instructions.

Seamless feel and look. They have the least visible joins when compared to other materials. (No areas for mould, bacteria or grime to hide!)

Less likely to break glasses that are knocked over on Infinity

They are non porous and therefore have a high resistance to stains, moulds and bacteria.

Suitable for Residential and Commercial applications.

39mm thick tops available in 3000 mm x 600 mm and 2700 mm x 900 mm elements and 950 mm x 900 mm Waterfall Ends.

If adding a cooktop, be sure to order the Cooktop Kit for heat resistance.

If ordering blank elements, and you wish to create your own joints, be sure to order the Benchtop Joint Kit.

Glue - typically, you will require one glue cartridge per joint.

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