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Designer Laminate

Classic White Gloss Peak White Gloss Chambord Gloss Aspen Stone Gloss Palatino Gloss Corsica Gloss Fontaine Gloss Azul Kashmir Gloss Pure Kashmir Gloss Grigio Marble Gloss Nero Granite Gloss Blackrock Gloss

Joints & Profiles

Edge Profiles

 Bullnose ProfileTightform ProfileSelf Edge Profile


Joints & End Profiles

Benchtop Mason's Mitre Joint


Finished Ends

Benchtops come with raw finished ends as standard.  If you require a finished or rolled end, you will need to add it to your benchtop order.


Bevelled CornerSelf Edge



0.8mm laminate

Glued onto a 38mm E0 LDF (light density fibre) substrate.  Moisture resistant.

Care & Maintenance

The surface of polytec’s laminate bench tops is made from a stain-resistant melamine based resin.

The toughness and high impermeability of this surface means that polytec’s LAMINATE & bench tops should require no more than wiping with a soft cloth, dampened with plain water or a household detergent mix to remove all common household spills.

polytec’s LAMINATE & bench tops should be cleaned as follows:


Using a mild household spray wipe down the bench top with a soft cloth taking care not to rub too hard. Dry using a soft cloth so as not to leave any solvent on the benchtop.

You may also use Methylated Spirit on a soft cloth, using a circular cleaning motion. Thoroughly clean over the wider area with water and detergent on a damp cloth afterwards to remove any residual Methylated Spirit. Always ensure that you refer to the recommendations provided by the cleaning product manufacturer before use.

To ensure that your Warranty will not be void, DO NOT use any of the following on polytec's LAMINATE & bench tops

Commercial Cleaning Products, Abrasive Cleaners, Scouring Pads or Abrasive Papers, Solvents, Thinners, Turpentine Turps),Ammonia, Bleach, Acetone, M.E.K. and any other cleaning agents containing Organic Solvents or the above mentioned products.


polytec provides a limited seven (7) year warranty on all laminate and bench top products.

The limited warranty covers workmanship & manufacturing defects. If you detect any problems with your laminate or bench top you need to contact Polytec within 7 years from the purchase date. Failure to follow the above care instructions will result in damage to the laminate and void your warranty.

polytec’s warranty does not cover general wear and tear

Note: Failure to follow any instructions above will void the Warranty.

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