Contempo Series

Our most popular range, the Contempo Series is a contemporary door with a flat slab profile. The square profile creates a strong and clean design statement.

The Contempo Series falls into two price categories - depending on the door finish.

  • Contempo Standard

  • $$$

  • Vinyl wrap door profile
  • Contemporary style
  • Matt or textured finish
  • See Cabinet Range
  • Contempo Gloss

  • $$$$

  • Vinyl wrap door profile
  • Contemporary style
  • High Gloss finish
  • See Cabinet Range

Contempo Standard
LG Alabaster LG Antique White LG Designer White LG Frosty White LG LX White LG New Antique White LG Parchment LG Wiluna White REN Jasmine LG Black LG Cappucino LG Chino LG Latte LG Peruvian Clay  LG Mocha LG Pearl  LG Riverstone LG Royal Oyster LG Sable LG Sandstone LG Clove REN Copper Red LG Flannel LG Granat  LG Platino LG Sablewood REN Tusk REN Tobacco LG Charred Oak LG Cherrywood LG Chestnut LG New Select Beech LG Licorice Linea LG Mushroom Linea LG Acacia Linea LG Pesto inea LG Saltwash LG Wenge Linea Renolit AMber Maple REN Apple REN Autumn Plum REN Burlington Oak REN Ceramicwood REN Countrystyle REN Ferrara Oak REN Fino Creme REN Fino Mocha REN Hacienda Black REN Hacienda White REN Horift Lime Dark REN Kielder A REN Lakeland Acacia LG Wenge Linea REN Mangfall Beech REN Messina PA REN Minoan Olive REN Oak Melinga Grey REN Samoa Teak REN Swiss Pear REN Tobacco Ash REN Walnut Noce
Contempo Gloss
LG Gloss White LG Gloss Frosty White LG Gloss Alabaster LG Gloss Antique White LG Gloss Moleskin LG Gloss Parchment LG Gloss Royal Oyster LG Gloss Latte LG Gloss Charred Oak LG Gloss Chestnut LG Gloss Chino LG Gloss Licorice Linea LG Gloss Mushroom Linea LG Gloss Oyster Linea LG Gloss Pesto Linea LG Gloss Mocha LG Gloss Silky Maple LG Gloss Wenge LG Gloss Wenge Linea BON Gloss Urban Grey BON Gloss Black BON Gloss Cafe Allegro BON Gloss CharcoalBON Gloss Cocoa Allegro BON Gloss Dark Ebony BON Gloss Designer RedBON Gloss Fossil BON Gloss Gunmetal BON Gloss Mountain Grey BON Gloss Paperbark BON Gloss Rosso Armstrong BON Gloss Soft Maple LG Gloss Stipple Seal


10 year manufacturer's warranty

Product Specification

The Contempo range is a vinyl wrapped door product. The door substrate is moisture resistant MDF board, which is cut to size, shaped & edge profiled. The surface & edges are then glued and covered with the vinyl film. Vinyl films come in matt, textured, gloss or embossed finishes.

Door material: Tough 18mm (nominal) high moisture resistant MDF substrate. Vinyl surface coating applied under heat to face and edges of doors/panels. Panels and door backs have white matt finish unless ordered and quoted as double-sided press. 10 year manufacturer's warranty on workmanship.

Door Hinges: Easy fit adjustable hinges, screwless fixing to door

Care & Maintenance

Store or stack doors and panels flat to prevent any bowing

Store doors and panels face to face to prevent scratching

Do not keep doors or panels in direct sunlight

Do not slide doors when boring hinge holes, fixing hardware or moving

Wipe off any spills immediately

Avoid solvent based cleaners where possible. If these must be used dab cleaner onto a cloth, then wipe the item and immediately wipe off any excess with a dry clean cloth and rinse with plain water to ensure that all the cleaner has been removed. Use a soft cloth when cleaning, do not use an abrasive cloth or pad

Do not remove protective plastic coating before installation, as this can void warranty. Plastic coating is only found on gloss finishes.

Do not place heaters in close proximity to doors as this can cause damage

Pull-out rangehoods must be used at full extensions every time when cooking, to avoid steam and cooking oil vapours from affecting surfaces

Avoid having kettles/toasters, etc under any doors or panels as constant excessive heat from those appliances can cause damage

Sample Request

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Please list your samples including the cabinet range, as some colour names are similar but are not the same material. eg Createc Cafe Creme

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