Make a real statement with your splashback, or blend it in for a minimal look - the choice is your with these exciting splashback products.


For a tough and durable surface material, Laminex's Metaline splashback product provides peace of mind and ease of cleaning in your kitchen.


Zenolite has a comprehensive range of colours, sheet sizes and limited edition options for you to choose from. Whether you're using Zenolite to install a hotel or office foyer, large commercial application, kitchen splashback, shower wall or any number of other installation options, Zenolite has a solution that is both flexible and incredibly cost effective.

With Zenolite's amazing 10 Year Indoor Limited Warranty available on all Zenolite products, you can be sure that Zenolite will outlast all competitors in the marketplace. Whether you're looking at glass or acrylic competitors, Zenolite products have been the market leader both locally and internationally for over 5 years with literally hundreds if not thousands of happy customer installations.

The award winning Zenolite product is unlike any other acrylic or glass product on the market having the added bonus of being able to be bent, and is many times stronger than glass making it the product of choice for architects from all corners of the globe. With amazing applications which push the boundaries of what was thought conventionally possible, Zenolite is the first choice for residential and commercial building applications.

For an extra design element, consider using Zenolite as a breakfast bar feature panel. It even looks fantastic when backlit.

And for an extra special atmosphere, use Zenolite in your shower instead of tiles for a luxuriously simple decor.

  • Zenolite Splashbacks

  • Rated for induction hotplates
  • Funky noticeboards and cladding
  • See Zenolite Range
Metaline Argente Perle Metaline Autumn Perle Metaline Black Ice Metaline Brushed Aluminium Metaline Champagne Perle Metaline Chartreuse Metallic Metaline Diamond Ice Metaline Icicle Metallic Metaline Iridium Metallic Metaline Lagoon Metallic Metaline Lipstick Red Metaline Nimbus Metallic Metaline Palladium Perle Metaline Rubicon Perle Metaline Silver Stream Perle Metaline Smoked Silver Perle Metaline Sophisticat Metaline Style Queen Metaline Tangelo Metallic Metaline Velocity Perle

Zenolite Standard Colours

Zenolite Arctic Zenolite Carbon Zenolite Glacier Zenolite Ivory Zenolite Metallic Black Zenolite Mocha Zenolite Olive Zenolite Rouge Zenolite Sahara Zenolite Titan

Zenolite Limited Edition Colours

 Zenolite Basalt Zenolite Copper Zenolite Ebonwood Zenolite Magnesium Zenolite Oak Zenolite Pewter Zenolite Rutile Zenolite Stirling Zenolite Titanium Zenolite Walnut Zenolite Zebrano


Laminex Metaline


7 year manufacturer's warranty

Product Specification

Metaline is a flame-retardant,  fire-rated core with a protective aluminium skin to both surfaces.  The face is a coated paint finish similar to automotive surfaces.

Suitable for all cooktops.


Download the Metaline Fabrication Manual here



Product Specification

6mm acrylic material, with a colour finish to the back surface, making it wear resistant.

Not suitable for gas or ceramic cooktops. Rated for induction cooktops only.

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