• Contempo Range

    One of our most popular ranges, Contempo creates a modern & stylish fitout.

    Available in high gloss, matt & textured finishes to suit your decor.

    More durable than painted finishes, Contempo vinyl wrap doors & panels are a fantastic statement for your kitchen.

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  • Storage Accessories & Solutions

    Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets.

    Choose from quality pull-out storage systems, through to cutlery organisers, spice racks, handles and cabinet lighting

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  • Aluline Range

    For a sleek lineal cabinet design, the Aluline will surely please

    Using an aluminium handle extrusion,the Aluline Range utilises the colour palette from all of our cabinet ranges.

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  • Kitchen Appliances

    It's important that your kitchen functions they way you love to feed your family.  Selecting the right appliances has never been easier, thanks to our range.

    Choose from IAG, Baumatic, Fagor and Elica ranges, with products to suit every budget and style.


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  • Colonial Shaker

    The Colonial Shaker is a modern interpretation of an old classic.

    With a simple, clean line, this range enhances your style without being too fussy, making it ideal for a historical reference without the clutter.

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  • Are you Special?

    Our products suit most tastes out there, but if you are looking for something a bit different to suit your space, then we can certainly make it up for you in flatpack.

    So if you're looking for bathroom vanities, television and entertainment units, dining & glass display units, exhibition & trade shows, etail sales counters, gondolas, slatwall & merchandising, reception counters, office storage, workstations, tea roomsAnything you need, we can flatpack to order

    After all, we aren't called Custom Flatpack for the fun of it!

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  • Glazed Aluminium

    For a true architectural statement, adding Glazed Aluminium doors to your kitchen will bring it into this century.

    Modern clean lines create a crisp look in your kitchen today.

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  • HomeLine Series

    If you're after a cheap but cheerful cabinet range, then our HomeLine Series is just the ticket for you.


    Manufactured using the same board as our carcass units, the HomeLine Series is an extremely tough range that is suited to budget renovations and general flatpack storage needs for every room in the house, or around the office

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  • Integra Range

    Can't decide on your handles?  You don't have to, with the Integra Range.

    Available in our Contempo Standard colour range.

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  • Need a Facelift?

    One of the cheapest ways to update your kitchen is to change the doors and panels to something new and fresh.


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  • Make a Payment

    If you have received a quote, you will need to make a deposit to get your order into production.

    Have an outstanding invoice you would like to pay?  Process your payment securely.

    Online payments can be made with Visa, MasterCard and Paypal.

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  • Melamine Range

    Always a favourite, melamine as been a proven cabinet material for many years, giving you a cost effective kitchen that will stand the test of time.

    Available in matt, texture and sheen finishes, to create your next stylish kitchen.

    Choose from the CREATEC range for a truly stunning high gloss UV finish.

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  • Wardrobes & Storage

    For most of us, mornings are a killer.

    Having an organised wardrobe won't make them any better to deal, but it will make them more organised to streamline you and the kids out the door each day.

    They're also great for hiding things in....

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DIY & Save $$$


Save money with our exclusive mortice-and-tenon assembly method. Fast and accurate assembly makes for an accurate and simple installation process for novices and tradies alike.

Why pay someone else thousands of dollars for assembly, when you can get the look you want in your kitchen for less.

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Not just Kitchens


Why not use our flatpack cabinets for your wardrobe, bathroom vanity, garage storage, home office, computer room, bookcases, laundry, the choices are endless.

Our products are used in retail shop fitouts, restaurants, exhibition & trade show displays - you'll be amazed just how we get around

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The Next Step...


At Custom Flatpack, we believe you should fill your house with your own desires. That's why all of our flatpacks are made to your design & material selections, with our attention to detail and design.

Order & customise online, upload your design for a free quote, or visit our Showroom for design & product advice.

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Australian Made


OURS: Proudly made in Australia from locally made products to Australian Standards. Our board stocks are from sustainable plantations for ongoing environmental management of resources.

Australian made board must meet low E1 or E0 chemical and toxicity levels to be considered safe. 

Higher level boards will "off gas" in time, releasing potentially harmful chemicals into the air - the air you and your family breathe everyday.

THEIRS: Often imported to avoid stringent Australian Standards for chemical components in board stock.  The greener the board, the more formaldehyde content in the resins.

Customised Cabinets

OURS: We have the ability to customise the cabinets to fit your space.  Every piece we produce is made to your size and specification.  No more mucking about with out-dated & messy panels as infills.  Have your cabinets designed the way you want.

THEIRS:  Catalogue cabinets that are designed to fit a shipping container, rather than your space.

Easy to Replace

OURS: You can easily source & replace components for your flatpack layout if things should go wrong. Especially important if you haven't made allowances in your design, and things don't quite go to plan on site.

THEIRS: Some flatpack ranges are sold as imported products, so sourcing spare parts may not be possible.

Endless Range

OURS: Unlimited colour palette - it's your home, so you should decide what materials you use. Whilst we do have standard finishes, because we are Custom Flatpack, we work with almost any material and brand available in the Australian market.

Custom Flatpack is a fully fledged kitchen manufacturer - the difference is you save $$$ by assembling & instaling it yourself.  

THEIRS: Limited colour palette decided by a purchasing officer.It makes it easier for their supply chain, but you get the same kitchen as everyone else.

Know the Product

OURS:  We make all of the cabinets ourselves, and with many years of experience, we know our product and technicals back to front.

Not just salespeople, our staff are knowledgeable in the design, manufacture and installation of your kitchen, so we'll guide you with components, layout and material selections that we know will work the way you want you kitchen to.

THEIRS: Many chain stores just have shelf products, with minimal staff training who have to be jack of all trades, rather than kitchen specialists.

Quality Brands

OURS: Custom Flatpack uses quality hardware & fittings that have been thoroughly tested for longevity and ease of use in the real world.

We use proven brands you know and trust such as Laminex, Polytec, Hafele, Grass and Salice.  Brands that have been around for generations.

THEIRS:  Inferior hardware & fittings that are made to a budget, rather than a purpose.

Quality Materials

OURS:  All of our carcass units are manufactured using 16mm moisture resistant (HMR) board.  This includes the cabinet backs and drawer bases.  All cabinet backs are manufactured from a single piece, giving greater structural integrity to larger cabinets.

All of our wall cabinets have a solid 16mm back, giving greater ability to fix to your wall in any location, rather than a small batten fix method that is expected to carry not just the cabinet weight, but everything inside it.

THEIRS: Thinner 3mm white masonite backing sheets that do nothing more than cover the hole.  Cabinet backs for larger cabinets are often created from multiple panels connected together with plastic cover strips, which is fantastic in reducing the carton size for the importer, but does nothing for strength and stability.

Unique Assembly Method

OURS: Our cabinets are quickly and accurately assembled with a mortice-and-tenon joint and screwed for extra strength.  This joint creates a "locking" tab that makes parts alignment faster on site, saving you time and money.  The trick of getting an accurately installed kitchen is having accurately assembled cabinets to begin with.



THEIRS: Typically just butt jointed and screwed together, or uses inferior plastic cams to rely on structural integrity.

Show Off

Are You a dedicated "Flat Packer"?


To prove to the rest of the world how clever you are, upload your project photos to our gallery, and show off to your friends and family.

Testimonals From Our Customers

Your flatpack kept my hubby and father-in-law out of my way for the weekend - well done!

PS - The kitchen looks good too!

Mrs E Drummond, Queanbeyan, NSW

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